How to Unbrick Lenovo A6000/Plus

Unbricking Android

How To Unbrick Lenovo A6000/Plus


There are three methods for unbrick Lenovo A6000/Plus, This we will do if your Lenovo A6000/Plus can’t open recovery mode or fastboot mode, bootloop “stuck on logo” , black screen is not life at all “Hardbrick” and we know that this is not a problem with the machine or Hardware, but only software. This usually occurs because installing false firmware, remove some parts needed by the android system or overclocking CPU. Or do you feel disturbed by virus attacks such as cameraupdates malware ? Well, this is the solution.

Please always sew charged (preferably not less than 70%) of the smartphone and remove SD card during flashing process.

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Requires :

    • PC
    • a compatible USB cable
    • Download files below :
Firmware Model Size Url
Stock rom Lenovo A6000 (32bit) Variants Download Here
Stock rom A6000 Plus (64bit) Variants Download Here
Tools & Driver Lenovo A6000
QPST_2.7.422.7z 25 MB Download
Downloader_Lenovo_V1.0.2.7z 1 MB Download
LenovoA6000_USB_driver.7z 9 MB Download
Qualcomm_Usb_Driver.7z 2 MB Download
MI Flash.exe 26 MB Download
7-Zip.exe Variants Download


( FIRST METHODS ) Installing the firmware using MI-Flash

  • Disable driver signature enforcement:
    – Windows 7 :
    – Windows 8 / 10 :
  • Install 7-Zip.exe, then extract & install drivers Qualcomm_Usb_Driver.7z, then ddecompress Stock rom (ROW Firmware ) using 7-Zip.exe  to the root of any drive.
  • Install Mi___.exe and run .
  • Star Flashing using MI-Flash :
    – turn off phone
    – hit VOL + and plug USB cable (phone will vibrate once)
    – in Device Manager (Control Panel) should shows : Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
    – run Miflash, you should see appropriate COM port
    – browse folder with downloaded firmware
    – Click button ‘flash’ and wait点击收起图片
    – disconnect USB cable, hit POWER key for about 10s (phone will vibrate)
    – phone will restart and load new system. It takes some time – and if it hangs, please hit POWER again for 10s, it will reboot again and it should proceed.

( SECOND METHODS ) Installing the firmware using QPST / Qfill

  • EInstall 7-Zip.exe, then extract & install drivers Qualcomm_Usb_Driver.7z, then decompress Stock rom (ROW Firmware ) using 7-Zip.exe  to the root of any drive.
  • Check whether to install the necessary drivers.Open the Device Manager on your PC, then turn off the device (smartphone or tablet) and take out the USB-cable from the device (if it was connected).
    Then we press the Volume Up key (Volume Up) and holding it connect USB-cable which is already connected to the USB 2.0 port of your PC – in the Device Manager device should appear Qualcomm Lenovo HS-USB QDLoader 900854980dd0da5da_0.png
  • Run the utility QFIL (Start> All Programs> QPST> QFIL).
  • In the window QFIL fill in the following fields :In the Programmer patch specify the path to the file prog_emmc_firehose_89XX.mbn (in my case prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn), for this click on Knop «Browse», in the window that opens, specify the path to the folder with the firmware (in my case ROW_S121), then select the file prog_emmc_firehose_89XX. mbn and click “Open.”
    Then click on the digging «Load XML …», in the window that opens, select one by one – first rawprogram0.xml and click “Open” and then patch0.xml and also click “Open.”
  • Make sure that the program QFIL sees the device as Qualcomm Lenovo HS-USB QDLoader 9008.4. Click on the button «Download» and wait for the end of the process.The device should restart the process of filling in the successful firmware and boot into Android OS.


( THIRD METHOD )Installing the firmware using Lenovo Downloaders.

  • Installing the USB driver
    Download and unzip LenovoA6000_USB_driver.7z , Run as administrator and all items are selected by default, click Next everywhere16b3a6cc24f21fe268814a2d6bd92f4d.png
  • To install the device in 9091 mode, I recommend to start the process of firmware A6000 turn off, holding down the Volume up, turn the power button A6000, after vibro release the power button, and then after a couple of seconds, releasing the volume – set the device to PC mode 9091.
    Firmware smartphone through Downloader_Lenovo_V1.0.2
    Download and extract to a folder without spaces and letters  Downloader_Lenovo_V1.0.2.7z (he and the driver came with firmware). Run as administrator flasher.3. Preferences change is not necessary, they are permanent :93605f87e500be6127d21fae293155e1.png
  • Select the folder in which you unzipped the firmware :49ee79477b3d78eaf1c932f38ab9d668.png
  • Press the start button of the firmware :e871e76edef3fab920b2b59d3221f593.png
  • Turn off the smartphone, hold down the volume up, turn the power button smartphone, after vibro release the power button and then after a few seconds by releasing the volume button – you will see this menu :356ae62a7488fbe9bee1ecc2b58a5df3.jpg
  • Connect your smartphone to your PC with a USB cable to the port (preferably black, USB 2.0) on the back of your PC (on the motherboard). The program will translate it into a flashing mode when you first plug it in, install the drivers for new devices and smartphone will be sewn :8c8b3519772c96eb0e182755eb1ca559.png
  • The flash will take 6-7 minutes, the end of the program will tell you :e4a502a7e301c8a2f0ff43e944a11d05.png
  • Turn off your smartphone, after the first start by entering the region code after changing the region recommend to immediately wipe do and use your smartphone! PS And a few wishes and parting words :

>>>>> If you do not have the strength to even install the drivers for the chips Qualcomm, the likelihood of a successful process of pouring firmware drops to 3%.

>>>>> I advise you to make a fill flash with a PC that is running Windows 7 (in Windows 8.1, but the likelihood of a successful process of pouring firmware reduced to 30%).

>>>>> The whole process of the firmware with this method is safe, but only in the right hands!

>>>> Good luck to all <<<<<

Greetings of love BoyCracked


118 thoughts on “How to Unbrick Lenovo A6000/Plus

  1. Please help me..! My Lenovo is totally bricked. No recovery, no fastboot, no logo. Only black screen. When i connect my device to the pc its connected. But when i open the lenovo downloader, my device not listed on it. Iam very stuck in here. thank you

    Sorry for my bad English.

  2. sir,
    I have lenovo a6000 plus. I flashed miui 8.2.1 using twrp. I flashed it successfully. after some days an update came in updater app for miui 8.5.1. . I downloaded that update. then it said that reboot to apply update. I clicked it. It vibrated and shut down. i tried to power on it but it was failed. it is only vibrating after a short intervals. It is not going to recovery and fastboot. it is only blackscreen. pls help me.
    I am having no way. Nobody helped me.
    i am eagerly waiting for your reply.
    pls help me………………………………………………………………!

  3. Hi Dev,
    My A6K+ was bricked yesterday, I’ve tried flashing with QFIL with ROW firmware for A6K (cause A6K+ doesn’t have ROW firmware that can be used for flashing with QFIL). My Phone back to work again after that, although My RAM and my Internal Memory have been decreased (RAM 1 G and internal Memory 8 G)
    Finally I flash by manual update software for A6K+ Lollipop (Android 5.0.2: Kraft-A6000-s_S030_151030_WCAF) with stock recovery. Hence My Internal Memory still has an issue, only 4-5 GB although the RAM back to normal 2G. Please Dev, help me solve my Internal memory problem decreased. Sorry for my bad English

  4. Hello Bro,

    A6000 was dead while flashing Lolipop. I have tired all the methods still unable to make my phone to work. In Method 2 Download button is not highlighted so unable to proceed with that. For method 3 status shows downloading from 3 hours and more. For Method 1 i will get error after “Receiving hello packet”. Don’t know what to do now. I don’t see any response from Power & vol keys. Please do let me know how to make my A6000 to back to normal condition. It would be much grateful if you can help me with this.

  5. Which method works on the nexus 6p? I am linked to this page from the device page on this site.

    I can’t seem to get it to work. Now my device doesn’t even show up in device manager.

          1. If phone driver can still be seen on a PC, you just need to find full repair firmware, you can ask someone Nexus 6p fellow users to make backups and upload firmware … the easiest way is to use hddrawcopy tools. only backup and restore raw firmware. Discover Nexus 6p user on Nexus 6p forums/group is best solution..good luck

  6. Can you please provide the link to files required by qfil that are the .mbn and XML files

    I need them to unbrick my yuphoria as it have same MSM8916 board.

  7. I have a bricked A6000, i installed QPST in my system and sucessfuly installed but when i open it it showing an error,then i try to flash with lenovo downloader it connected and started to flash but after a long time it still on flashing .any solution

      1. Can you give me a link of where the error is an image? Usually if the flash process is successful, but no change. then the problem is damage on MMC hardware And you need to replace it with a new MMC

  8. Start Download
    COM Port number:3
    Switch To EDL
    Download Fail:Switch To EDL FailSystem.Exception: Fail to find QDLoader port after switch

    at QFIL.Tech.DownloadTech.GetPortAfterReset(String description, Int32 timeoutInSec)

    at QFIL.Tech.DownloadTech.SwitchToEDL()
    Finish Download
    please , help me!

  9. Hey there,
    In video and here its showing select target bin as firmware but I download stock rom of lenovo a6000 plus 64bit ( Kraft-A6000-s_S015_150819_WCC8) after extracting this, I didn’t found any folder named as target bin,than which folder I have to select. Reply fast please.
    [email protected]

      1. Then which file to download firmware ROW files for A6000 plus?, ’cause ive got same problem like mr. ajay,
        please replies

  10. Hi all,

    Someone tryed flash A6000 with for A6010 ?
    Is the same hardware but 1 GB RAM more for 6010…

    Please put here the source for Stock ROM 6010 or link.
    Thanks !

    1. If you still can get into fastboot mode, try it that way. but if the question is better Miflash or QFII, I would choose QFII, but Miflash will remain I use it just as a driver

  11. I have a6000+ I am on lollipop custam rom & twrp installed I want to degrade to stock kk firmware should I try second method ? h

  12. I have a6000+ I am on lollipop custam rom & twrp installed I want to degrade to stock kk firmware should I try second method ?

  13. Hy,Sir
    My Lenovo A6000 Plus In Lollipop Version And Downgrade My KitKat 4.4.4. Up Any File Support In Lenovo A6000 Plus For KitKat…Please Help___

  14. bro my phone a6000 plus is dead during installing a custom rom now it doesnt detected by pc or it cant starts it have no os inside what i can do

  15. while doing process suggested the usb cable disconnected from device and my lenovo do not starts further. when i plug in it also doesnt charged. mobile is become like dead. what i should do now. can anybody suggest please.

  16. hello sir,
    i`ve followed 2nd process,
    but strucked at 1004 sec and now my phone is hard bricekd..
    please help me to get out of this problemm..

  17. Hello sir,
    I tried the 2nd process.
    But it suddenly my pc was stucked and the whole process went wrong at 1004 secs.
    Now my phone is not even turning on but it is detecting as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008(COMS).
    please help me sir….

  18. sir,plz give me link for download for Frimeware Lenovo A6000_S035_150507_8G_ROW.7z, because got problem in downloading. error like blocking site for my country

  19. Hi,

    I meed to downgrade my Lenovo A6000 grom lolipop to kitkat.
    I am trying to use the second method. But when I try to download the Lenovo Firmware file(the first download from the above list) I gt a message telling me that Dept. of Telecom has blocked the download link and to get in touch with the admin.
    Pleae help.

  20. Oh really, thanks god I can faith in people back now ! Such an amazing tuto love it.
    Just unbrick my K30-W or A6000 right now. <3

    I confirm everyone Qualcomm's driver was such a pain to install. Check out to install them 😉

    Thanks again !

  21. i have downloaded the firmware successfully using the first procedure. now my phone is being detetcted as Lenevo A6000 by the PC and i can access all files on it, But the phone is not booting up. Only the black screen is coming on and off regulary.

  22. The setup is not downloading
    I HV another kikat ROM setup downloaded from another website this setup will work or not through ur procedure

    Tell me

  23. Thank you in advance. In my scenario the device is not showing in the device manager at all no matter I have already installed the drivers. Help me please. The device manager in fact doesn’t show any com port in fact. I use windows 7 desktop PC AMD mb

    1. Qualcomm HS USB is not showing in ports (Device manager),Could you please help.
      I am using window 8.1 Os I3 processor

  24. Hello there
    I made a huge mistake with TWRP recovery, formatting all the partitions. Now my lenovo A6000 stops at the logo screen, without any possibilities to fastboot, probably because the internal storage is empty. I tried your suggestions and stuck at installing the the qualcomm drivers. I used Windows 7 64 bit PC for the purpose, however the D:DownloadsLenovo A6000Qualcomm_USB_DriversQualcomm_USB_DriversToolsDriverInstaller64.exe doesn’t do anything at all. Please suggest me how I could install these drivers so that I can try to continue with rest of the steps.
    Thanks in advance

  25. Sahara fails every time. this is what i get:-
    Start Download
    Program Path:C:UsersCrytecDesktopUnbrick lenovo a6000A6000_S035_150507_8G_ROWA6000_S035_150507_8G_ROWtarget_binprog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn
    COM Port number:6
    Sahara Connecting …
    Sahara Version:0
    Start Sending Programmer
    Download Fail:System.Exception: Unable to download Flash Programmer using Sahara Protocol

    at QC.QMSLPhone.Phone.QPHONEMS_SaharaArmPrgDownload(String sFileName)

    at QC.SwDownloadDLL.SwDownload.QPHONEMSSaharaDownloadArmPrg(UInt64& version, String armPrgPath)
    Download Fail:Sahara FailSahara Fail
    Finish Download

    1. also my computer connects this as 9006 and not 9008 and shows verification issue. i changed the driver to 9008 myself but still the sahara error is there in both.

  26. i have upgraded my lenovo a6000 to lollipop but now want to downgrade to kitkat again, so will above tutorial work for it ???? and what about this kitkat flash file, is this indian version???

  27. First method was worked for me. Just follow the instructions, guys. Thanks for the tutorial, Admin. I downgraded from Lollipop thanks to you. The Lollipop upgrade its a laggy piece of sh*t. Don’t upgrade if anyone ask me.

  28. thanks a lot cracked boy after 4 months of immense research of fixing my lenovo a6000 never success and your method brought life to my phone you are genius

  29. Hi My A6000 phone got factory reset and then I tried to recover some lost pics…but I was advised that my phone needs to be rooted first, so the software opened kingo root soft, It showed me the message that phone has been rooted and when it rebooted there was a notification of software update which I said ok and ever since then the phone is stuck on system recovery mode (not sure if it is called soft brick or not) and I have tried many things including choosing all the options starting from reboot system now, apply update from ADB, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, apply update from sdcard but nothing seems to work!!! oh I for got to mention on the top of the screen it says Androoid system recovery Kraft -A6000_S035_150507 and then gives all the option and i have tried this following :

    the noticeable diff. is between the ports qfil for me says that port 9098 (com3) and yours is diff..

    but some how for the first solution it keeps on saying download failed, emergency recovery download failed…

    Is there any solution to this!!! Please help if there is one!

  30. thanks for tutorial. it’s worked for me (method 1) with a little change on step 3 i press vol up + vol down key and manual update driver to Qualcomm Lenovo HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (using win 7)

  31. my phone is not even getting into recovery or bootloop just vibrates on pressing power button even if i press the combination of power and volume up button to get into recovery also it just vibrates and my device is being detected as qualcomm HS_USB QD(9008) in my pc can the ideas work

      1. plss help me to unbrick hard brick lenovo A6000+
        even i try to go to download modebut it doesnt even go to reboot menu…