Advanced TWRP v2.8.6.1 Recovery For Lenovo A6000


Advanced TWRP v2.8.6.1 Recovery For Lenovo A6000 by SevenMaxs

This Recovery managed to further implement:
– Full support for SELinux
– Mounting internal and external SDcard PC mode MTP, and external SDcard mode MassStorage
– Choice of FS (ext2, ext3, ext4, f2fs, exfat, fat32) to formatted partition ..
– Removal of screenshots by clamping power + volume down (stored / sdcard / Pictures / Screenshots)
– Full functionality adb
Battery operation
– Used the theme of Materialised
– Added ability to set the img-files (for that go to the Install in the top pane to switch from Install Zip on the Install Image – for the theme Materialised)

Screenshots. View from the theme Materialised

Additional menu items Backup:

  • Modem makes a backup razdela – / modem
  • Efs makes backup partition – / fsg, / modemst1, / modemst2
  • Persist makes backup razdela – / persist
  • Aboot (bootloader) makes a backup partition – / aboot, / abootbak
  • Firmware-update makes backups partitions – / sbl1 (/ sbl1bak), / rpm (/ rpmbak), / tz (/ tzbak)
  • Splash makes backups of partitions – / splash
Installation instruction on PC using the “batch file”
  • Extract from the archive folder TWRP TWRP- to the root of any drive
  • On your phone, turn on debugging by ADB (on the PC must be set for the driver ADB)
  • Connect your phone to a PC via usb-cable and run the Flash-TWRP_A6000.bat
  • We are waiting for the phone to boot into TWRP
  • You can now disable usb-cord
  • Installation is over!

Download for installation from a PC using “batch file”
Attached File TWRP- 11,53MB
Size: 11.5 MB (12,092,275 bytes)
MD5: A16AC318CB6261DE9D9357E2FCC6AA65

Flashable zip to install through any fashion. recovery
Attached File
Size: 11.6 MB (12,224,167 bytes)
MD5: 755CF293A39C471DA8AC83D90A8FC6CB



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