How To Update Firmware / Unbrick Wiko WAX Base On NVidia Tegra Chipset

This article is about how to update or Unbrick Wiko WAX manually, this guide need computer to run the update. This guide can be use for Wiko WAX only, don’t attempt to try this on other devices. This guide has possibility to brick your device and make you lost your IMEI so please do backup preparations before following the step in this guide.

Wiko Wax

How To Update Firmware Or Unbrick Wiko WAX  Base on NVidia Tegra Chipset

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. ( DO WITH YOUR OWN RISK )


Step 1 : Preparation

CAUTION ! Before you begin the update of your phone, be sure to back up all your personal data (save all your contacts in your SIM card or your Google account and your pictures on your PC). The upgrade erases all data and resets your phone.

If you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, perform the steps presented in the following link :

• Turn off the phone (its battery must be fully charged)
• Micro USB cable (supplied in the box)


Step 2 : Launching the update software

1. Download the firmware file at :
2. Extract the installation file on your desktop
3. Run the installation software
4. A security message appears on your screen, click «Yes» in order to load the driver.

Security wiko wax Unbrick5. An installation window opens, (the installation may take up to 5 minutes), if it does not launch, please disable the user account control by referring to the following link :

Setup wiko wax Unbrick6. CAUTION! If you have PC with Windows 8, you have to manually install the driver.
• PC with 32Bit OS: go to C:\TNvflasher\tool\usbpcdriver\dpinst.exe and click on dpinst.exe
• PC with 64Bit OS: go to C:\TNvflasher\tool\usbpcdriver\dpinst64.exe and click on dpinst64.exe
Installation message appears on your screen, click on “next” and follow the instructions.

Step 3 : Installing the update

1. When the software starts, turn off your phone and click «Download» Download1 wiko wax Unbrick

Nvidia flashtool android smartphone2. When the «Download» button is grayed out, Download2 wiko wax Unbricklong press the Volume + button on your telephone, and at the same time, connect your turned off phone to your PC using the USB cable.

Nvidia flashtool android smartphone1

3. The update process begins (a)… Caution, a descriptive message will appear on your screen (b) during the update. This is normal update process, it is not an error.


Downloading wiko wax Unbrick


Phone Downloading wiko wax Unbrick

4. The update is now completed, disconnect the phone from your PC. Your phone will restart automatically.

Complete wiko wax Unbrick

Step 4 : Verifying the update

In order to check if the update was successful:
1. Please access the numeric keypad on your phone
2. Enter the following: *#563412*#
3. Verify that you have the latest version (see the software installation version) in the menu «Wiko build version»
4. The update is now completed, disconnect the phone from your PC. Your phone will restart automatically.

You have completed the update 🙂

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