Google Apps Package

Official Android Google Apps Package



OS Architecture Type Size Download Changelog MD5

Android 7.1 Nougat

Stock Gapps 729 MB Read a246e6cd31ed1646893753138ff5787d
Pico Gapps 92 MB Read 0d37efb58a2294ac7886228d712976b1
Nano Gapps 129 MB Read b50f7791066f8e82377e12474a214d02
Micro Gapps 158 MB Read e572490368851eca4223a5aa06a026c7
Mini Gapps 331 MB Read 5dc009baf2c591498021ca3d5aa4735d
Full Gapps 653 MB Read 01836f0f60414143f60b1198a591c426
Super Gapps 901 MB Read ff7096bcb7ef44508d3db996099d9fbe
Aroma Gapps 995 MB Read 9293d0cd2d2556ef66412efbc9e0543c
TvStock Gapps 193 MB Read 77116d0cc0eb8e68af675c797d4ba4e7
Stock Gapps 789 MB Read e449ca096dc96c2f963c3ac00a62a54b
Pico Gapps 96 MB Read abf53e82ea5dba7102483001223d8991
Nano Gapps 148 MB Read cfdf9c967bb293c50019fd7d17049999
Micro Gapps 178 MB Read 5a45330fc2575d659dca3709d34c6572
Mini Gapps 369 MB Read 0ce9eb38d043396a0d9655825b8b6b13
Full Gapps 668 MB Read 227b39447e663b3dda9a48b9534d942c
Super Gapps 934 MB Read 00a31d10360ba472ee3099c29fa90ebd
Aroma Gapps 1 GB Read 4661853a2e3e73dae0a476c0917b2917
TvStock Gapps 201 MB Read 85b0457f906f26a9d19e6ff31718affc
Stock Gapps 679 MB Read 8fedfc928cfadd9e2bfb7de87bdbeff2
Pico Gapps 72 MB Read 2cf67520ec7e65c39bc656a3b89c5112
Nano Gapps 117 MB Read a13e1ba287afc1e5bdfad5b2cd3282b4
Micro Gapps 146 MB Read 33e82be55c8fef2cc2263e359b0a2d88
Mini Gapps 312 MB Read 2df692e4fdddd5a88f8bd0b102e78f5b
Full Gapps 572 MB Read 51a751661016d44674d6cf70404f28a9
Super Gapps 827 MB Read 45bc9d0294e9db82f819f41a4335fa2c
TvStock Gapps 191 MB Read a27e2a386dd8191535c501d2344681fb
Stock Gapps 740 MB Read 3e51d642512b888e84d5285a28f2a69a
Pico Gapps 78 MB Read fbff46491d3e9c0353feac197ddc2511
Nano Gapps 123 MB Read 0fcfe5b59624a39af9f89820cf9a33d0
Micro Gapps 153 MB Read a6f4184a50f0fa94313ba59b88e681cd
Mini Gapps 295 MB Read ea8ed0711a66e8578155888759d0d722
Full Gapps 614 MB Read a2ba0c765ac4c11dbfc54a3fd86fb269
Super Gapps 874 MB Read 4790f7785413962577b45e5acb754379
TvStock Gapps 207 MB Read 74d5eb6f2d7613e1b32b7144a4c75965

Android 7.0 Nougat

Stock Gapps 717 MB Read 84ce2e6589791080364edad7f5027eba
Pico Gapps 89 MB Read 35ad52949f74d476d1aad6d305f74121
Nano Gapps 147 MB Read b94c0a8db97726e36a8d2b366d08fc1e
Micro Gapps 177 MB Read 948a7b763e02383228df4bbe60bf3bb2
Mini Gapps 337 MB Read 537c6c88fb4bb7c7ff4aafffca739ee6
Full Gapps 613 MB Read decfa8d68dbb2f556763f08a70eeb16a
Super Gapps 860 MB Read 20bedd3727e56b748ff3b6e57c0cd337
Aroma Gapps 893 MB Read 3fc3e4422a3d9aed2a6a702febe886f3
TvStock Gapps 182 MB Read 2b4cb0ecbb2b4c66f540f1b96ff0c10d
Stock Gapps 785 MB Read 4892355ff37ed737ab60303b42942c2e
Pico Gapps 93 MB Read 6cd0cc18eea30f070290f0758a0557fb
Nano Gapps 145 MB Read c0e89c04b9efc18ef12ecef5a8b4fa30
Micro Gapps 175 MB Read 8399ae9372ca44417d72decce8596c57
Mini Gapps 366 MB Read ee5e5d412bff741bc94d5c7890e2b5c4
Full Gapps 665 MB Read a19f3faa76be59e641ea81ebb8cfc658
Super Gapps 930 MB Read e97c718f4033e7af1e76a3f607ae8973
Aroma Gapps 1 GB Read 4c90b3d643c1b5f4b8cbaaf780a2246d
TvStock Gapps 200 MB Read ee5e5d412bff741bc94d5c7890e2b5c4
Stock Gapps 681 MB Read 07689fdfd87440c838f973ae1c26361e
Pico Gapps 68 MB Read 56db6d206c4b8f66b4541a5f005898d0
Nano Gapps 114 MB Read 650297202be60d9c12d4aff0ecebe18b
Micro Gapps 144 MB Read 5462e1bb10ccb5eacaa3fac8a9d3357b
Mini Gapps 314 MB Read c8d0d68699f84a6f27bb0103e97a3d41
Full Gapps 573 MB Read ae82a16840ca602ac0f7bfb6093eb82a
Super Gapps 828 MB Read 40eae9705e54ac848c2cc93320efc8e4
TvStock Gapps 191 MB Read 54de58fb6ccfd942ba7b234a88119cb6
Stock Gapps 720 MB Read 7cef700f44915b656be65da513b55d62
Pico Gapps 75 MB Read 7cf9811ab83121557ae24a87f0cca68c
Nano Gapps 120 MB Read e59015fab2e041695757c413a2c38627
Micro Gapps 150 MB Read e82ed757203bff4ddc8cb39d5eb29b85
Mini Gapps 292 MB Read b700b8917ed15ce707c2387808a20971
Full Gapps 611 MB Read 052f55d3107343dbf035df7c11e4a28e
Super Gapps 871 MB Read 9d1566961b421239b129f73c02cac469
TvStock Gapps 207 MB Read 4a52d61165edf47f6ad0be6fb8ce9c2a

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Stock Gapps 779 MB Read 8e6ee29f3874a6c195fdf9191c8cd461
Pico Gapps 104 MB Read de8cbed8498a77c85eb6f029be670f05
Nano Gapps 161 MB Read a7f6f04eb5fbee3629fb977f10337db5
Micro Gapps 191 MB Read 189e61d32cf8d54eb027d542c7ee4e26
Mini Gapps 366 MB Read 6fa4a3a6996ce53c368daf74c8c567d1
Full Gapps 676 MB Read bd0aba7c84bee5da8860fca227172951
Super Gapps 910 MB Read 574e24e1fc14524c77a55a646d2d2799
Aroma Gapps 980 MB Read 3e291aedcae0ff5ac90cceae9bf4d87a
TvStock Gapps 179 MB Read ac85158c6d2680c8d87651d1a4f8128e
Stock Gapps 729 MB Read 657a1f1934fb1cecb9f9ebf36916991d
Pico Gapps 72 MB Read 71645805187b50ce8995aae5aea67ec0
Nano Gapps 145 MB Read 83a45be342bde341b941c2fc491a2181
Micro Gapps 174 MB Read e3156c4d5dbc9827f1ca6625ea121b05
Mini Gapps 334 MB Read b5646bb70f82a6655f0506ce06dde097
Full Gapps 605 MB Read 5deae6127a9ec19b006e48f0ca9e2bb1
Super Gapps 871 MB Read 547414f1d5010cfa2933f4929295db83
Aroma Gapps 953 MB Read fa010ef41bb1577eac70541501c32a9c
TvStock Gapps 200 MB Read 2b7ca27d99c768faa91858dd3ad7b88b
Stock Gapps 691 MB Read 9b530514f57e6672257a61b1caea308a
Pico Gapps 68 MB Read f41d181cf3a09779ac160e883f4aa932
Nano Gapps 113 MB Read c5dbeab43a5687a9a8b3ec332175afbf
Micro Gapps 143 MB Read 57186577ebfc9e49853eed99149241bb
Mini Gapps 266 MB Read 61f5ba8d24a3c135aa73b337b98e3478
Full Gapps 585 MB Read 2a0b9e97a949f7e8fcc5b698378f0047
Super Gapps 838 MB Read 0ab92d23db46c1ba2f527ad801cc2f27
TvStock Gapps 190 MB Read 30319c4eea457ed54bacecad387c1b3f
Stock Gapps 736 MB Read ecde1801f164dc4b836f5db5ad39291f
Pico Gapps 74 MB Read 75d4fdc0f78ee8255c1c0761430878bc
Nano Gapps 120 MB Read 53e2732390953c7002874a0650c26113
Micro Gapps 149 MB Read 8a1b0cd24b7d9489e1fb0e14e5b128e2
Mini Gapps 291 MB Read b176949d4cc2e779053553e92cb1fa65
Full Gapps 610 MB Read ed02f7d790128849cf880697dc044fde
Super Gapps 870 MB Read b176949d4cc2e779053553e92cb1fa65
TvStock Gapps 207 MB Read 67482ed4d16a09819dc496f799782790

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Stock Gapps 746 MB Read 045e3b2377509ac060c846279eac88fd
Pico Gapps 105 MB Read fdc9799eb5ec449ab70163af91653af3
Nano Gapps 162 MB Read 4373afbbc154f03dcaba69e8ed3d3dd0
Micro Gapps 202 MB Read cad5e0f16c328b7d8ee27343e7a4f2a5
Mini Gapps 361 MB open_gapps-arm-5.1-mini-20170516.versionlog.txt Read ed1368c319cb112e5808995d3a31909d
Full Gapps 666 MB Read 581aa4fbafacd8a565d710d5fafdda18
Super Gapps 877 MB Read 69416fce08949d615025fa7d6cae5720
Aroma Gapps 910 MB Read 215b310bbb9b4e1111aa308b00c78816
TvStock Gapps 179 MB Read ac85158c6d2680c8d87651d1a4f8128e
Stock Gapps 666 MB Read 2a2168bb7668bbe959cdbffa9b08bdfe
Pico Gapps 58 MB Read eea0469c049e7853cadda53c3a0662e3
Nano Gapps 110 MB Read 5bd91b54a25f3f568d7bade1b28dcad6
Micro Gapps 150 MB Read 367244f2ed67ff67d8e2996ca272b4dd
Mini Gapps 299 MB Read 00209ee2c31f150841ff4b643df51440
Full Gapps 570 MB Read 766c91b12ded1bb5a161033dcf13e373
Super Gapps 811 MB Read faa410f60051e223bd285b6f40850edd
Aroma Gapps 820 MB Read fc94efb9dfe9c7d006797af1a2e9fa63
TvStock Gapps 198 MB Read aa1cba55d17a1249066917ca2d6f0e6e
Stock Gapps 649 MB Read 59412a7d2ddb2e4f2c6ad1fb7fe50cd1
Pico Gapps 54 MB Read f8bd759d5ac8c413f0e652a738bf75d9
Nano Gapps 98 MB Read bed21f18076b1b3ce5a0b6286ae24d7c
Micro Gapps 138 MB Read ef11116500236e93e0cf7f75ecd9bd76
Mini Gapps 269 MB Read a9552fc6c74c1354e3b173b8a929363e
Full Gapps 566 MB Read 5d47a72e93f16db411b4707408c7c71c
Super Gapps 796 MB Read 1e4573794ed4ece70fde443cced6b76a
TvStock Gapps 187 MB Read c99d820b4492e1ca3dab52e894911b69
Stock Gapps 699 MB Read 2a9af9b6e1fca60ba905e62388d32328
Pico Gapps 60 MB Read eb4ff4bfba292bb94d590f251d2993bc
Nano Gapps 105 MB Read 491ef62fa0d8c4b9c2e9ae7f75a79e44
Micro Gapps 144 MB Read f535f3f9753ffff745d998ef6a25b8d8
Mini Gapps 305 MB Read a78adff0aa4ba3fe2d5dc2e92bfa7580
Full Gapps 596 MB Read c5a4f1c181f12e0223d61f79a7adc055
Super Gapps 844 MB Read 7dd582fa67cbbd110a3dcaca504c3107
TvStock Gapps 204 MB Read 130c0f2e2a421e639e15ec676ce10966

Android 5.0.0 / 5.0.2 Lollipop

Stock Gapps 725 MB Read be7e70781180b6264a3507fd4a638e87
Pico Gapps 103 MB Read fbdb8ff782d6253604e49002da15b43b
Nano Gapps 160 MB Read dd25c971b858c78865b08c3a4870d561
Micro Gapps 201 MB Read 9c1c7572495e283cf0e6701fcdeb2d3d
Mini Gapps 360 MB Read 218b0f4393689e01c6396e2ce855db10
Full Gapps 665 MB Read eb3890743e3b2d48b2e7eb05d387fdcb
Aroma Gapps 759 MB Read 7571d67ff53904308936785157108f40
Stock Gapps 630 MB Read 86c31d8931149f29939f0f2dffac6ee2
Pico Gapps 56 MB Read 8c4f5a19ecf012c45b0541703f5736ee
Nano Gapps 108 MB Read c230023494b24d15203c0eacdeb3786e
Micro Gapps 149 MB Read 272b91b855407718160166ee03f11add
Mini Gapps 297 MB Read 441eec9f36431de3c15005d1d2dfdf90
Full Gapps 568 MB Read b61923b1935a26350d7834617a9f98cd
Aroma Gapps 639 MB Read b9fde0a178960e893e610299ce55d017
Stock Gapps 625 MB Read 758aee3ebbe81ff3d994acc04444a9dc
Pico Gapps 53 MB Read 77e772c24e60c9a0d65ccb59d296d5c2
Nano Gapps 97 MB Read e41f2bb64854b673580b472b20ade2f8
Micro Gapps 137 MB Read 5d26d2e67d03b65fdb38c771079dbe4d
Mini Gapps 268 MB Read bcdc8b9c994b9c500948d3fbd866a575
Full Gapps 565 MB Read 6d3b42ed38a6e09b3f13049ea73478d7
Stock Gapps 658 MB Read 9a116c605c6171d0f637798ab383648d
Pico Gapps 59 MB Read bc4eac4a01b40d375003bd7a8a951db5
Nano Gapps 103 MB Read 9132e1a00187bde4a72b364a5ac710e6
Micro Gapps 143 MB Read 9379ac51b568c3cef8f19ef367c7236c
Mini Gapps 303 MB Read 4b09340c1f1c2f020a3a2091e5a4b291
Full Gapps 595 MB Read 2850e072df31419139219be91e7afb05

Android 4.4.2 / 4.4.4 Kitkat

Stock Gapps 719 MB Read 600e6f6f27e5121fdb2e86c0234e9799
Pico Gapps 102 MB Read c27b8b30a03bc54c4836e3e45a6f97b5
Nano Gapps 161 MB Read f19b225318f3c897dd30103891ebca44
Micro Gapps 201 MB Read 0f27f023b27678a0c06bbca6b85ae86f
Mini Gapps 360 MB Read bcfef4edb4d776657832a1606553701d
Full Gapps 664 MB Read 29ca8433ff3cbcfb0b41ec651111b051
Aroma Gapps 752 MB Read 96c45bd895d80d544441bce1dc0519a8
Pico Gapps 47 MB Read 2fa5bcfac7fb5144c348855e3631f75f
Nano Gapps 91 MB Read 58bad332ff8a92e544a9387ac965167d
Micro Gapps 131 MB Read 16f87c966edb65c13ad89bf0bbc82c0f
Mini Gapps 261 MB Read a9f7394aebe32b8718823afc02f66a35

Android 4.1.1 / 4.1.2 / 4.2.2 / 4.3 Jellybean

Stock Gapps 96 MB n/a 5f22f046e37038a3856eeb825e73d4ed

Android 4.0 / 4.0.3 / 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Stock Gapps 40 MB n/a 7c524e1e078164f681e0aa6753180b2c

Android 2.3.3 / 2.3.4 / 2.3.5 / 2.3.6 / 2.3.7 Gyngerbread

Stock Gapps 11 MB n/a 26502246f0806fb84eea47a4235c546f

Android 2.2.2 / 2.2.3 Froyo

Stock Gapps Unk hdpi/mdpi Unk

Android 2..0 / 2.1 Eclair

Stock Gapps Unk Ds, Passion Unk

Android 1.6 Donut

Stock Gapps 34.4MB DRC83 081379e9b525484bcd1ee42bd0031a4c



Google apps
Gapps package Flashable package


Although some Official/Un-official android developers such as Aosp, CyanogenMOD, MIUI, XUI, Lianoge OS, Baidu OS, FlymeOS, TouchWiz and others often opt to exclude the core of Google apps, but on most android device users As well as Custom Rom lovers are more interested in OS “Operation System” / UI “User Interface” which has included permissions on every Google app, this is because many of the Game or google applications that require google services before it can be used.For example: You can not access videos on youtube using the Youtube android app other than using a url browser, or you can not play Clash Of Clans Game conveniently if you do not have GooglePlayGame or GooglePlay Service installed on your device.

So from that reason this article was created to facilitate you in downloading and implementing Google Apps on your android device. You do not need to thank, because Android is a trademark of Google Inc, so thank to Google and Opengapps team in making this Gapps Package.


  • If you can not flashing Gapps, please try using custom recovery like, TWRP, CWM or Carliv.
  • Before you start downloading the file below I suggest to pay attention to the image below
  • Make sure that everything that happens after installing this Google package is at your own risk.

How to installing Gapps:

  1. Download and install SpecDevice.apk V1.1.7(V1.1.5) on your android device
  2. Test full specs your android device or look your build.prop
  3. Ignore line Because this part is easily manged by the developer, but see section of… and ro.product.cpu…=…
    For example: Means your android version is Android 5.1 Lollipop Means your android architecture is Arm64

    Or if: Means your android version is Android 6.0 Marshmallow,armeabi. Means your android architecture is Arm32

  4. Download Gapps accordingly with your… and ro.product.cpu…=… of your android device.
  5. Flash Gapps via recovery mode.