[ Official ] Lenovo A7000 / PLUS (A7000-a) Stock Rom


These file can use for Update / Upgrade / Downgrade firmware Lenovo A7000 / PLUS (A7000-a) , Unbrick Lenovo A7000 / PLUS (A7000-a), restore Lenovo A7000 / PLUS (A7000-a) to 100% stock official, repair Lenovo A7000 / PLUS (A7000-a) if bootloop “Stuck on logo”, boot screen, Lost recovery or Hard brick.

Good news :
How To Upgrade Lenovo A7000 To Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Using SP-Flashtool or OTA-Updates —> Read Here

Lenovo A7000 Firmware For SP-Flashtool
Installation instruction :   Read Here

Android OS File name Link Url
6.0.1 Marshmallow A7000-a_M_S223_160405 (VIBE UI 3.1) icon_downloadDownload
5.1.1 Lollipop A7000-a_S134_150505_ROW (Vibe UI 2.5) icon_downloadDownload
5.1.1 Lollipop A7000-A_PLUS_S141_1509022_ROW.rar(Vibe UI 2.5) icon_downloadDownload
Android OS File name Link Url
5.1.1 Lollipop A7000-a_S134_150505_ROW (Vibe UI 2.5) icon_downloadDownload
A7000-a_S136_150519_ROW icon_downloadDownload
А7000-a_S144_150721_ROW icon_downloadDownload
A7000-a_S152_150917_ROW icon_downloadDownload
A7000-a_S153_151127_ROW icon_downloadDownload
For Recovery Mode ( Full OTA)
Android OS File name Link Url
6.0.1 Marshmallow A7000-a_S153_151127_ROW_TO_A7000-a_S223_160405_ROW_WC814D6764 icon_downloadDownload
5.1 Lollipop A7000-a_USR_S133_150424 icon_downloadDownload
  • – Download
  • – Download
  • A7000-a_S137_150528_ROW_TO_A7000 – Download
  • – Download
  • – Download
  • Download
  • – Download
  • – Download

57 Responses

  1. Uchi says:

    †ђąηk ўσυ brother.

  2. Uchi says:

    Brother , i need A7000-a_plus_S155
    and custom rom MIUI 7.0
    Ok ‎​TђƋήK••ƴ<3Ʋ••({})({}) for the info

  3. Jhay says:

    Can i use this for lenovo a7000 plus? does a7000 and a7000 plus have the same firmware? thanks in advance.

  4. Tanmoy Barik says:

    does this sp flash tool need my phone to be rooted. can this void my warranty?

  5. Wale says:

    For A7000-a/plus ? (2gb RAM)?

  6. satyam says:

    bro i am using lenovo a7000 ……and recently update of andriod 6.0 came so i update it then i decide to downgrade my phone to lolipop then i download ur 1.4 gb file ….and its work very well thanks alot for it ……bt bro i want to update it (a_s153_151127_row) ……currently its (a_S134_150505_ROW ) how can i do it???

  7. Sidharth says:

    Bro if I am using lollipop 5.0 then I have a update of my phone to lollipop 5.1 then what I select in my sp tool dropbox (firmware upgrade / formats+download / download only ) I have Lenovo a7000 and I don’t want to loose my imei what I select plz suggest????????

  8. amir makhlof says:

    thanx alot bro, you do not know how much this topic helped me: from bricked phone to M.M through lollipop all and updates are flashed from recovery…..thanx again

  9. baboon says:

    dude i flashed it to a7000 plus, it went successfully indeed.
    but when i turn on the phone it only display white screen…….
    any help?
    or anyone with the same case

  10. Apu says:

    I Flashed My Phone Lenovo A7000-a plus but press power button sensor light on but not screen on and chrging phone screen white so i need real flash file plz help?? ???

  11. Thanks bro I just found in google how to upgrade Lenovo a7000plus anyone tried this?

  12. bro says:

    i got the white screen, what should i do?

  13. ucupbudug says:

    Thanks for sharing, my phone come back now. You are advanced boycracked

  14. Slayer says:

    Bro,i want to revert back from twrp recovery to stock recovery to install update OTA.Ive already read about this and some people claimed that it may bricked the currently using S177 row now.rooted.u got any other solution ?i dont want to flash back my phone to stock s177(fresh).help me pls.

  15. Leo says:

    Bro how to fix no os installed,my fone is a7000 plus

    • BoyCracked says:

      You need to install one of Lenovo A7000 Plus ROM, if you have TWRP fix with custom rom

      • Leo says:

        My fone got stuck on logo b4 i updated s177 to s183(ota)and no os installed,but i have twrp,but it is okay f downloaded the a7000 plus row above to fix this?Please help me how to fix this bro thanks in advance

  16. Muniasrith says:

    inside the marshmallow scatter file is not working with sp flash tool

  17. Leo says:

    Boss after i flashed my a7000 plus only white screen,please help

  18. Leo says:

    And got this error from error: s_Fthnd_file_is_not_loaded_yet(5007)

  19. buta singh says:

    Sir.. I’m update my lenovo a7000 with marshmallow update…but i don’t like it… I want go back to lollipop….what I do for lollipop update

  20. hm.. I think I did something wrong. The screen now boots to a gray screen, though I can still hardly see the lenovo logo and it’s just stuck there. I have a 7000-plus. Gonna try flashing the older versions.

  21. Boycracked please extract and upload the recovery.img from A7000-a_PLUS_S177_160121_ROW firmware…

  22. Ragil says:

    Gan,lenovo A7000-a punya saya mati,setelah di flash(format all+download) pake flashtool dan hasilnya hp tetap msh dead,cm kalo di cas white screen dan bergaris2..apa ada solusinya???

    • Tun_Imieyy says:

      Hai from Malaysia.
      I think it is a screen problem. You have to replace the screen with the new screen.
      saya rasa itu adalah masalah screen. cuba tukar screen yang baru.

    • dwi says:

      Coba format dulu, lalu flashing ulang menggunakan seri 141 gan..sudah kucoba dan work….

  23. arronxwar says:


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