[Official] Huawei Nova CAN-L13 Stock Rom / Firmware

Official Huawei Nova (CAN-L13) Stock Rom / Firmware


You can use these firmware to:

  • Update Huawei Nova CAN-L13
  • Downgrade Huawei Nova CAN-L13
  • Rollback firmware Huawei Nova CAN-L13
  • Unroot Huawei Nova CAN-L13
  • Unbrick Huawei Nova CAN-L13
  • Restore Huawei Nova CAN-L13
  • Fix Unknown IMEI Huawei Nova CAN-L13
  • Repair firmware solutions for Huawei Nova CAN-L13 if boot loop, Hard brick, Lost recovery, or can’t boot to home screen, etc.


  • Huawei Nova CAN-L13 Also known as Huawei Nova CANNES-L13
  • Huawei Nova using Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow and upgradable to 7.0 Nougat, Will probably get an update to Android 8.0 Oreo in the next quarter.
  • How to Flash Huawei Nova CAN-L13 Firmware via Dload Update.app) —>Read Here
  • If your Huawei Nova CAN-L13 can not flash via DLOAD, try using Qpst / Qfil qualcomm flashing tool, but your firmware must be unpacked first via Huawei firmware extractor to get binary img files.
  • How to root Huawei Nova CAN-L13 —> Read Here
  • Unlocking bootloader Huawei Nova CAN-L13 —> Read Here
  • OTA = over-the-air , Delivery of software from the manufacturer or developer to update or resolve problems from the previous firmware.
  • Full OTA = OTA binary image files that allow you to manually update your device. This has the same effect of flashing the corresponding factory images, but without the need of wiping the device. Usually this firmware is used for unbricking or repair firmware by some users
  • This update will improve your device’s performance and stability to bring you a better user experience. You are recommended to install it.

    1. Make sure your phone has not been rooted before updating.
    2. EMUI 5.0 includes substantial changes to functionality, which may impact your usage habits. For more details, go to HiCare and check out our user guide.
    3. This update will not erase your personal data, but we recommend that you back up any important data before updating.
    4. The system will restart after the update. This will take about 10 minutes. Following the update, your home screen will automatically display the EMUI 5.0 theme.
    5. If some third-party apps are incompatible with Android 7.0, update them to their latest versions on Google Play.
    6. If you are not satisfied with the new update, you can roll back to EMUI 4.1. Your personal data will be erased during the rollback. For details, please call huawei official helpline.
    7. If you experience any issues during the update, please visit the Huawei Support website or contact your local service center for assistance.

This guide for educational purpose only, Boycracked.com not responsible if your device bricked after updates firmware or following our tutorial. ( Do With Your Own Risk )


Huawei Nova CAN-L13 Firmware

Waiting for updates

This is how to back to stock Huawei firmware for advanced user only:

  1. Download the official full firmware
  2. Download the huaweiupdateextract tool HERE
  3. Download the huawei multi tool by team mt HERE
  4. Install both tools
  5. Extract the downloaded firmware until you see the UPDATE.APP file
  6. Open the huawei extract tool and load UPDATE.APP
  7. Extract the following Files from the UPDATE.APP files: BOOT.img, CUST.img, RECOVERY.img,SYSTEM.img, USERDATA.img
  8. Copy or simply move those images into the HUAWEI Multi-Tool by Team MT/Unbrick directory
  9. Start phone into fastboot mode
  10. Start the Huawei Multi-Tool and enter “6” for Unbrick menu and Press Enter
  11. Type “N” for continue and press Enter
  12. Type “2” to Continue. The files are in /Unbrick and press Enter
  13. Just follow the instructions and your phone will be flashed with a stock firmware!
  14. After complete flashing stock firmware you can download the official update under Settings -> Updater!

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