[ CyanogenMod 13.0 ] Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow For ZTE v5 PRO AKA ZTE Blade X9, ZTE Blade A711

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Cyanogen MOD 13.0
ROM Version : CyanogenMOD 13.0
Compatible : ZTE v5 PRO, ZTE Blade X9, ZTE Blade A711
Android Version: 6.0 Marshmallow


Anything you do with your own phone while Rooted runs the risk of bricking your device… You do this all at your own risk. Therefore I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for bricking your device! Please make a Nandroid backup before followed this tutorial!!

ZTE v5 PRO also known as ZTE Blade X9, ZTE Blade A711 in some country

Not work :  Fingerprints, FM-radio ( will try to fix it later )
Required : Rooted devices, CWM/TWRP installed.

How to installation :

 Need Root access and TWRP installed —> READ HERE
1. Download and save into phone storage….
File Size : 375 MB
Download —- Mirror
Select ARM64, 6.0
2. Go into CWM/TWRP
3. Wipe Data, Cache and Cache dalvic
4. Install cm-13.0-20151228-blade-x9.zip and then Gapps.zip
5. Reboot and enjoy 🙂


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  • Hi, I would like to try this ROM, but as what you have stated… the finger print scanner doesn’t work… I dont care about the FM, but I need the FP scanner feature… So, please fix this and then I will try to flash this cuz I really want to use this ROM.

  • Hi, thanks for your work.
    I tried flashing this ROM to LYF Water 7 which is basically a clone of ZTE V5 Pro but it didn’t work for me.
    Any suggestions on how can I make it to work? Do I need to port it?
    I am already using V5 pro’s TWRP without any problem.

  • thanx for response..i have back to stock rom..how i can get this custom rom working properly. i had flash cyanpop also with end with black screen after logo..any suggestion??

  • install twrp, wipe cache, dalvik, data, system, install roms wipe chache, dalvik , install gapps arm64_6.0 (nano)…reboot
    ..and black screen..how ican fix this??
    trying flash boot.img from stock ..and reboot back to recovery..repeat the process and back to black screen

    sorry for my bad english – (blade a711)

  • The problem only occurs on boot.img, you just need to fix boot.img, please ask google or your device developer at android forum, Be a smart user 🙂

  • The battey drains pretty fast, even in lowest screen setting, but it’s ok. The newest Facebook and Snapchat also won’t install so you will have to find an older version for that or an other way, calling is ok, text messaging is ok etc. All very good.

  • Hi,
    We are Vietnamese Developers and we want to support this device for Vietnamese
    Can’t you share your device and vendor so we can build CM or any other custom firmware. All credits to you.

  • Hi. I wanna ask why i after install miui 7 rom and want to go to cm 13 always get blank screen (just black screen in bootanimation and first setting)? Please respon and sorry for my bad english cause i’m indonesian 🙂

  • Installed it but first time gapps didn’t work so installed it again with new version gapps, now it works correct. Battery drains like a maniac tho, bit dissapointing.

  • If you know how to unpack/repack APK…

    I wont you unpack framework-res.apk from this rom.
    Drag and drop your original /Framework-res/res/values-fr to CM13 framework-res.apk and repack

    Or Send your original framework-res.apk by any rom to me, i will apply to this rom..

  • You should make a vídeo to upload to youtube. I didnt do it yet ill wsit for more comments about this instalación.

  • Thanks for great work! When will you have time to check the problem with fingerprint reader and FM radio? I really like this phone, but the original firmware has been troublesome from the start. I was really happy to see that someone has made an effort to make a CM Rom for this phone! Thanks again!

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