Official ZTE T-Mobile Concord II (ZTE Z730) Stock Rom

T-Mobile Concord II™ Software Update
File typeFile nameUrl
Backup Data Guide
icon_downloadDownload167 KB
Key Upgrade Tool GuideZTE_Z730_One_Key_Upgrade_Tool_for_TMO_User_Guide.docxicon_downloadDownload375 MB
Upgrade ToolPSTW_ODT_Z730USATMOV1.0.0B01.zipicon_downloadDownload375 MB
Unmodified (No Root)Zte_Concord2_Unmodified.zipicon_downloadDownload389 MB
Deodexed Only (Rooted)Zte_Concord2_Deodexed_Rooted.zipicon_downloadDownload393 MB
Deodexed DebloatedZteConcord2_Deodexed_Debloated.zipicon_downloadDownload375 MB

You can use this file to :

  • Update / Upgrade / Downgrade firmware ZTE T-Mobile Concord II (ZTE Z730)
  • Unbrick ZTE T-Mobile Concord II (ZTE Z730),
  • restore ZTE T-Mobile Concord II (ZTE Z730) to 100% stock official,
  • repair ZTE T-Mobile Concord II (ZTE Z730) as bootloop “Stuck on logo”, boot screen, Lost recovery or Hard brick.

Warning! Anything you do with your own phone while Rooted runs the risk of bricking your device.. including flashing this ROM or other ROMS. You do this all at your own risk. Therefore I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for bricking your device! Please make a Nandroid backup before flashing!!

@SuperR for giving me the tools and direction to try this project
@The-Truth for uploading the needed files, and testing


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