Download ADB Fastboot to mod / hack Android system

Android is an open source platform for mobile devices. Open environment encourages a lot of development activities and bring great things for users. Android allows users to control the system and modify the system elements according to their preferences.


If you own an Android device, you can root, install a custom recovery and try out different custom ROMs or mods to get the best custom and high performance. While these things can bring good results but sometimes it can lead to some unexpected bad case. To develop Android, Google provides a variety of development options on all device. One of the USB Debugging option that allows users to read and write data on the device using a computer. In the way of communicating with a computer, we have things like the ADB ( Android Debug Bridge ) and Fastboot should be set up on your computer. If you’re an Android user, you might need to set ADB and Fastboot set up so you can flash the firmware, kernel or recovery through the use of commands ADB Fastboot . Google provided Android SDK contains ADB Fastboot files, but many users feel that setting it up on a computer with too much complexity. Moreover, the 500MB download one file to setup ADB Fastboot just is not reasonable at all. Install ADB in 15 seconds Today Chomobi like to introduce to you two handy tool that allows you to set ADB and Fastboot on Windows computers very easily in just a few seconds. Snoop05 @XDA member has released a very handy tool called 15 seconds ADB Installer makes installation very easy.

Latest update v1.4.2 for all android device —> Download Here
Download adb files
(download link or redundant links , ADB Installer.exe ) Just download this tool, follow the links above for PC your Windows. Then proceed with the installation as normal as you can use. Minimal ADB and Fastboot Besides ADB Installer 15 seconds , with an easy way to get ADB and Fastboot without having to use complex methods magazine. This tool is called the Minimal ADB and Fastboot and was developed by members shimp208 from XDA forum. This tool is easy to use. All you have to do is download and install it on your computer and it will ADB and Fastboot setup on your computer automatically.


After installing it, you will have a desktop shortcut to the ADB and Fastboot Minimal launch quickly. Suppose you need to copy a file .img . Along with ADB Fastboot files, go to C:/Program Files/Minimal ADB and Fastboot

ADB and Fastboot Minimal Download Tool:

– On the root directory C drive, create folders ADB . Unzip here.
– For Win7 and 8, in C:\ Users\ xxx \ create folders .android (android dots before the letter) and copy files adb_usb.ini here.

Note : xxx letters in path is the name of the computer user. (For winXP, the path is C: \ Documents and Settings \ xxx \ ). – Press Windows + Pause key on the keyboard to quickly open the System window. – Click Advanced system settings . In the new window that opens up select Tab Advanced – Click button Virables Environment .


– In the System Variables , find the line Path , double click your mouse on it.


– In the new window, in line Variable value, keep the content is by pressing the arrow button on the keyboard and then move the cursor to the end line. Type add a semicolon (;) and then the path C:\ADB . Click OK, OK …


– Now open the cmd window (Administrator mode) try typing adb. If it lists a series of guidelines meant adb working. Happy successful.


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