[Official] LG G2 Firmware KDZ & TOT

LG G2 Stock rom firmwareOfficial LG G2 Kdz Firmware

You can use these official stock rom to :

  • Unbrick LG G2 from Bootloop, Softbrick, Hardbrick, Lost Recovery or Fastboot
  • Fix IMEI LG G2 like No Signal, Unknown IMEI or Baseband
  • Hard Reset LG G2
  • Unroot LG G2
  • Back to Stock Firmware from Custom rom LG G2

Notes :

  • How to Flash LG G2 Firmware using LG Flash File tool -> Read here
  • Other LG Mobile Phone Firmware / Stock Rom -> Download here
  • How to Bypass or FRP Unlock LG G2 from Google Account Verification or FRP “Factory reset Protection” -> Read here
  • If you have problem with Google apps. Please install matches for LG G2 from -> Here
  • Do with your own risk, Please make do bakcup first before installing the firmware.


LG G2 F320 Korea Firmware

  • Download Korea KTF F320K30D_00.kdz Lollipop
  • Download Korea LG U+ F320L30D_00.kdz Lollipop
  • Download Korean SKT F320S30E_00.kdz Lollipop

LG G2 LS980 Sprint USA Firmware:

LG G2 VS980 Verizon USA Firmware:

LG G2 D800 AT&T USA Firmware:

  • Download
  • Download
  • Download LGD800_20130904_LGFLASHv160.dll

LG G2 D801 T-Mobile USA Firmware:

  • Download Kitkat TOT LG
  • Download LGD801_20130811_LGFLASHv160.dll
  • Download Lollipop D80130b_00.kdz
  • Download KitKat D80120E_00.kdz

LG G2 D802T Firmware:

LG G2 D803 Canada Firmware:

  • Download D803B20G_00.kdz For Canada BELL
  • Download Telus D803T20H_00.kdz For Canada Telus
  • Download D803R20F_00.kdz  For Canada Rogers
  • Download D803AT-00-V10c-RGS-CA For Canada Rogers
  • Download D803R10C_00.kdz For Canada Rogers
  • Download Rogers D803R20D_00.kdz For Canada Rogers
  • Download Rogers D803R20F_00.kdz For Canada Rogers

LG G2 D802 United Kingdom Firmware:

  • Download UK 16GB D80210B_00.kdz
  • Download Three UK 16GB D80210A_00_2.kdz
  • Download TMO-EE 32GB D80210B_00.kdz
  • Download UK H3G 16GB KitKat D80220C_00.kdz
  • Download UK O2 16GB KitKat D80220D_00.kdz
  • Download UK Open 16GB D80210B_00.kdz
  • Download UK OPEN 16GB KitKat D80220D_00.kdz
  • Download UK T-Mobile KitKat 16GB D80220D_00.kdz

LG G2 D802 Firmware:

  • Internal 16GB
    Download Algera 16GB D80230a_00.kdz
    Download Croatia VIP 16 GB D80230d_00.kdz
    Download France OPEN 16GB D80230b.kdz
    Download Germany 16GB D80230d_00.kdz
    Download Hungary 16 GB D80230d_00.kdz
    Download Hungary OPEN 16GB D80230a_00.kdz
    Download Italy 16 GB D80230d_00.kdz
    Download Spain OPEN 16GB D80230a_00.kdz
    Download UK 16GB D80230b_00.kdz
  • Internal 32GB
    Download AU Optus 32GB D802T30b_00.kdz
    Download AU Vodafone 32GB D802T30a_00.kdz
    Download Baltics 32GB D80230a_00.kdz
    Download China Unicom 32GB D80230A.kdz
    Download CIS 32GB D80230A.kdz
    Download Czech 32GB D80230b_00.kdz
    Download Europe Open 32GB D80230b.kdz
    Download France 32GB D80230b_00.kdz
    Download France Orange 32GB D80230a.kdz
    Download France SFR 32GB D80230e.kdz
    Download Germany 32GB D80230b_00.kdz
    Download Hungary 32GB D80230b_00.kdz
    Download India 32GB D80230b.kdz
    Download Italy 32GB D80230a_00.kdz
    Download Netherlands 32GB D80230b_00.kdz
    Download Portugal 32GB 80230a_00.kdz
    Download Spain Vodafone 32GB D80230d_00.kdz
  • Download Germany D80230b.kdz Lollipop
  • Download INDONESIA D80230b_00.kdz Lollipop
  • Download UK EE D80230b.kdz Lollipop
  • Download Europe BIN_LGD802AT-00-V10a-425-02-SEP-05-2013-16G+0.exe
  • Download Europe BIN_LGD802AT-00-V10b-SEA-XX-SEP-04-2013-32G+0.exe
  • Download Europe LGD802AT-V10b-EUR-XX-SEP-07-2013-16G.exe
  • Download Europe LGD802_20130912_LGFLASHv160.dll
  • Download Germany D80220H_00.kdz
  • Download Germany D80230b.kdz
  • Download Germany OPEN 16GB D80210A_00.kdz
  • Download Germany OPEN 16GB D80210E_00.kdz
  • Download Germany Open 16GB KitKat D80220D_00.kdz
  • Download Germany OPEN KitKat D80220D_00.kdz
  • Download Germany Vodafone 16GB KitKat D80220B.kdz
  • Download Germany TMobile 16GB
  • Download Germany Vodafone 16GB D80210C_00.kdz
  • Download India 32GB D80210C_00.kdz
  • Download India D80220B_00.kdz
  • Download India D80230b_00.kdz
  • Download India OPEN 16GB D80210C_00.kdz
  • Download India Open 16G D80220B_00.kdz
  • Download France Bouygues 16GB D80220F_00.kdz
  • Download France OPEN 16GB D80220F_00.kdz
  • Download France OPEN 16GB KitKat D80220B_00.kdz
  • Download Hong Kong D80220D_00.kdz
  • Download Italy D80220F_00.kdz
  • Download Italy OPEN 16GB D80210F_00.kdzDownload Southes East Asia D80220B.kdz
  • Download Southes East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philipines, more) D80220B.kdz
  • Download Brazil KitKat D80520A_00.kdz
  • Download Europe OPEN D80220H_00.kdz
  • Download Hungary OPEN 16GB KitKat D80220B.kdz
  • Download Netherlands Open 16GB KitKat D80220D.kdz
  • Download Northern Europe 16GB D80220H_00.kdz
  • Download Northern Europe Open KitKat D80220D.kdz
  • Download SINGAPORE D80220B.kdz
  • Download Switzerland 16GB D80220F_00.kdz
  • Download Switzerland D80220F_00.kdz
  • Download United Arab Emirates / Arabic D80220C_00.kdz
  • Download China Unicom D80220C_00.kdz

Credits: GSMarena, XDA and All LG android developer.


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